Kerie Stein

On the Puzzle-based Systems and Ecosystems program that we shared with two of her classes.

"Not only did we have a wonderful time exploring the Puzzle of Me, but we greatly appreciated Tim coming to our classroom to introduce the Puzzle of Life and activities. He quickly engaged the students in a scientific discussion and previewed the next five class sessions.  The plants and animals puzzle pieces were a powerful teaching tool that helped the students recognize the inter-connectedness of nature. ... 

"The students were enthusiastic when creating their own puzzle about themselves. This activity offered them the time for self-reflection.  Once completed, some of the students chose to share their puzzle with the class.  As they explained their Puzzle of Me it gave us a deeper insight into their values, priorities and connections.  The students developed a deeper understanding of the systems around them as well as how their lives are affected by the consequences of their actions & others."

          - Kerie Stein
            Intervention Teacher, Burbank USD




On our visit to his classroom in November 2015, where we shared The Puzzle of Life:

"Thank you for sharing the wonders of hands-on science with students at Toluca Lake Elementary School. [The Puzzle of Life] not only captivated the student’s attention during your visit, but also continued to resonate in lessons and experiences following your visit. Students of all different ability levels and learning strengths were able to engage the material, and understand the conclusions. Your visit was one of the finest educational presentations I’ve seen in my 25 years of teaching."
          - Dennis Hagen-Smith
            National Board Certified Teacher
            Toluca Lake Elementary School, CA


On our visit to their classroom in November 2015, where we shared fun, ecological knowledge, and The Puzzle of Life:

"I learned that living organisms are interdependent which means they need each other to survive."
          - Sam, 5th grade

"Learning about ecosystems and life is important because you can help preserve them both …. I also liked that we got to work and help together to solve the problems. I [feel] inspired to try to make a difference & help the world be an amazing place for future generations."
          - Bryant, 5th grade

Enjoying games is important because you can learn at the same time.
          - Astrid, 5th grade

AJ Webster of The Sycamore School

On the 5-part Systems and Ecosystems program, which we brought to the The Sycamore School in January '16.

"Tim’s insightful approach to systems thinking and developing scientific models, coupled with his understanding of the importance of creativity and play in the learning process, was a real boon to our students. He encouraged children to think more deeply with probing questions and helped them draw upon their own prior knowledge to build comprehension." 
          - AJ Webster
            Sycamore School, Leadership Team